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My Clients Experience With Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Cupping

Julie Thurburn - Frisco, TX

Rosie takes the time to listen and learn about what's bothering you. She is gentle in applying the acupuncture needles and remains nearby while you sleep or just enjoy a deep relaxing moment while your body begins the healing process. Her calm, relaxed personality and great sense of humor makes every conversation fun and easy. I highly recommend Rosie!

Sheryl Swift - Crandall, TX

I have gone to Rosie twice. She did acupuncture both times and cupping yesterday. Results are amazing and I cannot wait for more treatments!!! I suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, menopause along with anxiety and depression. I feel lighter, less achy, less stiff and pain is even so much better!

Liz C. - Austin, TX

Rosie is a wonderful healer and acupuncturist.  I first met Rosie when I was a few months pregnant  with my daughter.  I had horrible allergies and low energy.  Every time I went to see her, I felt so cared for and would relax so easily I often fell asleep.  She is generous with her time, her heart, and her knowledge.  I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with her as my acupuncturist and Shiastsu massage therapist.  My daughter is now 14 moths old, healthy, vibrant and full of spunk :)

Jennifer S. - Austin, TX​

Rosie is such a wonderful acupuncturist!  I started meeting with her several months ago for chronic pain and fatigue caused by an autoimmune disorder.  Through a combination of Rosie's acupuncture and cupping and bodywork, and other practices such as yoga physical therapy and medical treatments, I now have much improved health and experience far less pain on a regular basis.  I have a pretty extreme phobia of needles and was very scared to try acupuncture, but Rosie was so understanding and kind that she made me feel comfortable and safe.  Her office is clean and professional but also very welcoming and relaxing.  She was very flexible on the few occasions when I needed to reschedule an appointment or change our usual time.


Although I do not fully understand how acupuncture works, I can attest that it does--or at least Rosie works!  She would press on "fire points" in my body at the beginning of the session and I would sometimes cry out because they were so painful.  At the end of the session, the fire points would be much more manageable.  And after months of acupuncture, my fire points are not painful at all anymore!  The meditations that she recommended were also very helpful for me, and she also helped with dietary suggestions.  I highly recommend Rosie for any acupuncture needs, especially for chronic pain related issues.

Katie B. - Austin, TX

I am consistently amazed by Rosie’s ability to help my body and spirit heal. Through her treatments, I have found I have more energy, a stronger immune system, a better spirit, more confidence, and less pain. She helped me get through a complicated pregnancy with severe morning sickness. Rosie always encouraged me and helped me whenever the pregnancy was especially hard. Rosie’s treatments are always relaxing and rejuvenating all at once! She is a compassionate and skillful healer and I recommend her to everyone!

Amy C. - Austin, TX 

Rosie's gentle yet powerful energetic healing methods have helped me through several health challenges including back and neck pain, TMJ, IBS, as well as emotional distress. I am confident that her balancing of energy has helped to prevent further disease in me. My husband had edema in his leg after an injury requiring surgery to his severed Achilles tendon. After 

being in 4 casts it was hard to get the fluid to go down. Rosie's healing touch relieved the swelling dramatically in one session!

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